Mike Fryer, paintings – ‘Ukraine’
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I have visited Ukraine a number of times. A fascinating landscape rather like France with its poplar trees, fields of sunflowers, road signs and way of driving (even priority right in places). Out of the towns and cities it is agricultural with dense woodlands and forest. I have tried to give a feel for the landscape and its typical houses.

Borovytsya is a small town just south of Cherkassy next to the Dniper river, Uman is some way west of Cherkassy and has a huge park and gardens in a great variety of styles.

All paintings are 405 x 405 mm (38 mm deep), acrylic on canvas.

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photo of 'Road to Borovytsya 1   photo of 'Road to Borovytsya 2'   photo of road-to-borovytsya-3    
'Road to Borovytsya 1'
'Road to Borovytsya 2'
'Road to Borovytsya 3'
photo of 'Road to Borovitsya 4' photo of 'road-to-borovytsya-5' photo of 'road-to-Uman-1'  
'Road to Borovytsya 4'
'Road to Borovytsya 5'
'Road to Uman 1'