Mike Fryer, experimental
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Below is an ever-growing list of experiments. Follow all the way down to see animation, representation, variation and alternation.


image of perelandra 3, an abstract landscape, simplifying composition and shapes.

Perelandra 3, the result of several years of experimentation to simplify composition and finding a way to represent different landscapes.


image of Perelandra 4 showing an abstract landscape

Perelandra 4 an abstract landscape, acrylic on aluminium dibond, 600 x 600 mm. The dibond provides an interesting surface, very slippery and requiring special techniques to get the paint on but very stable, and unlike canvas, does not rot, warp or get mildew; the only problem is that the corners are delicate and must be treated carefully.



Continuing with experiments on dimensionality, i.e. what we see is more than there is, has led to this painting showing the result of looking in opposite directions at the same time. Sometime this is going to be worked up into a larger acrylic painting.



an image showing the result of looking in opposite directions at the same time


  As an aid to teaching watercolour painting, these landscape sketches were produced to show how the same view can be treated in different ways.  

verion one of the same landsape: wintry and cold

version two of same landscpe: night-time

version three of same landscape: snow lying on fields and bushes

version four of same landscape: spring with fields of rape

version five of same landscape: late summer, grass and sheep

version six of same landscape: hightened and altered colours


In order to develop there must be experimentation, perhaps within existing styles and media but taking risks in new media may have the greatest benefit. On an occasional basis the results of such experimentation will be shown on this page.


Below is a recent painting Gone home, a post-advent theme (acrylic on wood panel, 300 x 300 mm) looking at interiors in a different way. What is it about? All photos by Mike Fryer.

painting 'He came' a post-advent painting of a room interior
Also this painting I keep God handy in my little box, a theme to challenge us about our attitude to God. This painting was shortlisted, exhibited and included in the book of the 2018 Chaiya Art Award (gallery@oxo, Oxo Tower Wharf).
  Photo of the painting 'I keep God handy in my little box'  
  I have also been experimenting with animation – using the layers of digital prints to creat an animation of the making of the artwork. Here are two GIFs to show the results; ‘Dockyard Glass’ and ‘Dockyard Brick’. What do you think?  
animation of glass print
  animation of brick print