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Yes, from time to time there will be some free art to download – this can be viewed on screen or printed, the size will not normally be larger than A4.

This will NOT be available anywhere else and it will not be a way of distributing old or sub-standard art. This is an experiment to utilise the internet in a new way and to say thank you to visitors of this site. The art will be offered on the basis that it can be downloaded and printed for personal use – not sold, not printed more than once each download, not printed in multiple copies and not distributed in any shape or form by any means that enable other people to have the artwork without downloading it themselves. This is an new idea which may or may not work – if it is abused then it will cease.

All visitors are asked to do is enjoy looking at this site, enjoy the free art, perhaps give some feed-back by email and perhaps buy something! Please note that the appearance of the images may vary depending on how your systems are configured, they are best viewed on a colour-corrected monitor and printed on an ink-jet printer using colour profiling. The prints will usually be JPG images with a resolution of 200 dpi (which is sufficient for printing on an ink-jet printer) or pdf files.

To download the prints click and hold to get a menu from which you select download link to disk, save link as, download as or simply drag the image to your desktop (depending on your web browser).

Every month I run an Art Workshop at Hope Church, Gravesend, Kent. Recently we were looking at drawing faces, in particular the proportions of the face. It is interesting how reference books differ on what proportions to use! I have tried to make this diagram as simple and useful as possible; please read the warning at the top of the sheet! This is not exactly free art but free how to do art! Download (296KB)